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Stevenage Karate Club is proud to be affiliated to the Japan Karate Association.

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Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta, 7th Dan JKA
Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta
7th Dan JKA
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All instructors and coaches teaching at the Stevenage clubs have to obtain an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), are fully Insured & Qualified to teach

News 2011

25th September 2011

Arabella, 1st Dan!

Congratulations to Arabella Cutts on achieving her Black Belt at the K2 Crawley today... a lot of hard work has paid off, very well done Arabella!

9th July 2011

Club Grading

Congratulations to all students who graded today. An excellent lesson with Sensei Roy Tomlin was followed by a successful grading for everyone who attempted their next belt.

2nd July 2011

National Championships 2011

On Saturday 02 July the 2011 JKA England National Championships were held at the Crawley K2 Sports Centre. This year, the Kyu grade competition was combined with the Black and Brown belt event, which made it a very busy day. Thanks to the level of organisation by Sensei Ohta and his team the day ran smoothly and finished on time.

Stevenage JKA had the following nine students entered:

Beginner to 4th Kyu
Jermain Straker, Olivia Hindle, Jordan Cooper & Tosan Okoturo

Black and Brown belts
Tosan Awani, William Bray, Arabella Cutts, Jon Cooper & Karen Peebles.

All students did very well and showed good spirit. The following medals were earned:

Olivia Hindle
Silver in Junior Kata 6-10 years, orange to yellow belt
Bronze in Girls Sanbon Kumite 6-8 years, orange to yellow belt

Tosan Okoturo
Bronze in Girls Kihon Ippon Kumite 9-11 years, green to purple/white belt

William Bray
Bronze in Black & Brown Belt Boys Individual Kumite 7-9 years

As well as entering the competition herself, Karen acted as coach for and looked after the junior students (she also managed not to lose Jon, which the whole club will agree is an achievement in itself).

All six club instructors, Sensei Tom Peebles, Phil Cooper, Mick Farquharson, Steve Deal, Lydia Chown and Steve Rowe attended as judges/referees, and Lynn Peebles, Carol Deal and Julie Lopez were timekeepers.

12th June 2011

2011 Club Competition

After the success of last year's club competition this year's event was eagerly anticipated, with all students determined to do well and go for those medals. 52 competitors entered.

The competition was run along the same rules as the JKA England National Competition, which will provide valuable experience for students who are competing in the Nationals, and was also good practice for the club instructors who will be acting as judges and referees at the Nationals.

The standard of karate was very high, with good spirit from all who entered. Everyone should be very proud of themselves. The medalists were as follows:

Beginner to 9th Kyu Junior Kata
Bronze - Charlotte Jones
Silver - Antoine Georges
Gold - Giordano Di Credico

8th Kyu to 4th Kyu belt Junior Kata
Bronze - Jermain Straker
Silver - Christopher Tang
Gold - Kian Hewstone

3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu Junior Kata
Bronze - Thomas Lopez
Silver - Charlotte Lopez
Gold - Arabella Cutts

Beginner to 4th Kyu Adult Kata
Bronze - Manish Gosrani
Silver - Tony Leighton
Gold - Sally Rowe

3rd Kyu to 2nd Dan Adult Kata
Bronze - Karen Peebles
Silver - Joylon Martin
Gold - Dave Thomas

Beginner to 9th Kyu Junior Kumite
Bronze - Jade Straker
Silver - Emma Leighton
Gold - Giordano Di Credico

8th Kyu to 4th Kyu Junior Kumite
Bronze - Joshua Budden
Silver - Christopher Tang
Gold - Tosan Okoturo

3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu Junior Kumite
Bronze - Charlotte Lopez
Silver - Arabella Cutts
Gold - Charlie McGlynn

Beginner - 4th Kyu Adult Kumite
Bronze - Phillippa Lomasney
Silver - Tony Leighton
Gold - Diane Tang

3rd Kyu to 2nd Dan Adult Male Kumite
Bronze - Dan Moss
Silver - Jon Cooper
Gold - Dave Thomas

The competition was followed by a party and disco in the evening, where medals were awarded. We were treated to an amazing dancing display from Dave and Laetitia, and to some... dancing from the rest of the club members. Next year karaoke?

It was a brilliant day and evening, and many thanks to all who helped arrange it; particularly Tom and Lynn Peebles and Steve and Carol Deal, and to Karen Peebles for capturing the day in photographs.

5th June 2011

Kumite/referee course at Hatfield

Under the tutorship of Sensei Ohta, the south-east region hosted a kumite/referee course held at Hatfield university today.

20 members from Stevenage Karate club attended this course. This was a brilliant insight in the various kumite formats, and should be an advantage to all competitors taking part in the forthcoming club and national competitions.

14th May 2011

Congratulations to Dave and Laetitia!

Dave and Laetitia got married in France on the 14th May 2011 - Congratulations from all the club Members, it was a wonderful day and enjoyed by Tom, Lynn, Steve and Carol.
Congratulations to Dave and Laetitia!

2nd May 2011

Congratulations to Karen!

Congratulations to Karen Peebles on passing her 1st Dan Grading at Guildford, well done Karen!
Well done Karen!

1st May 2011

Dreams Come True certificate

Thanks to the JKA for passing us a certificate, which has been sent to congratulate all students who took part in the sponsored event recently. Well done again everyone!
Dreams Come True certificate

12th March 2011

Club Grading

Congratulations to all students who graded today. An excellent lesson with Sensei Adel Ismail was followed by a successful grading for everyone who attempted their next belt.
Sensei Adel Ismail, Stevenage Karate Club Dan Grades, and the successful grading students

9th March 2011

Dreams Come True charity event

Following a request for the club to perform a sponsored event for the charity 'Dreams Come True', much sweat flowed on the evening of 17th Feb when one hour of continuous kumite and kata was practised by the members.

Accompanying the sweat went bright red faces as the successful evening progressed.

The sponsorship forms showed many generous sponsors, and the monies raised totalled 658.05. On behalf of the charity and the Stevenage Karate Club, congratulations to all those who took part. You can all be proud of your hard work and the resulting outcome.

Some of the students who participated in the charity event

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